NEW: Stellar Horizons

by Andrew Rader

Stellar Horizons: An Epic Game of Exploration and Humanity's Expansion into the Solar System

Stellar Horizons is a “build your own space program” game for 2-7 players where you will lead one of seven Earth factions in a race to develop our solar system. It’s a plausible representation of humanity’s first steps toward the stars between 2030 and 2169, with each turn representing one year of time. Each faction (representing a nation or group of nations on Earth) has unique advantages and disadvantages, along with its own ship designs and bases. Game play takes place on tiles representing planets, asteroids, and moons, arranged on tiles placed outwards from the Sun, forming the solar system as a series of travel hubs.

Beginning with our current level of technology, Stellar Horizons bridges the gap to an advanced Star Trek future, relying only on technologies possible within our current understanding of the laws of physics. Space exploration and research contribute to your technological advancement. With each breakthrough, you’ll be able to build bigger and better ships and bases, and travel faster and farther out into the solar system and beyond. As you expand alongside your rivals, you might challenge their advancement with embargoes, blockades, or even direct conflict. Can you lead your faction to victory?

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Mars Rover Rescue Memory Card Game

by Andrew Rader

In the Mars Rover Rescue Memory Card Game, players assemble a combination of cards including a ship, base, truck, and explorer crew to be the first to find the lost rover.


It's quick and easy to play even for young children, taking around 15 minutes. It’s a stand-alone companion to the Mars Rover Rescue book.

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SpaceMatch Card Game

by Andrew Rader

SpaceMatch is a fun, quick, and easy to learn solar system card game. You explore, trade, and steal cards from other players to assemble as many planet-moon sets as possible (e.g., Jupiter-Io-Europa-Ganymede-Callisto).


SpaceMatch is full of educational facts, but it's easy for kids (around 6+) to play while learning about the planets, moons, and asteroids of our solar system. Though designed with  kids in mind, the game includes enough strategy to be fun for adults - making it perfect for classrooms and family game nights.

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Politics ~ Bribes, Scandals, Strife, & Strategy

by Andrew Rader

Politics is a fast & furious card game for 2-9 players. It's easy to learn and takes 20-45 minutes to play. Players compete in an election across all 50 states, trying to win the presidency of the United States.


Each player acts as a candidate representing a political position (Socialist, Libertarian, Minority Candidate, etc.). Each candidate has particular advantages and disadvantages in 8 areas of influence (Science/Education, Health care, Environment, Minority/Women's issues, Economy/Taxes, Crime/Guns, Military, Religion), and also a bonus special ability which they can use during the game.

Your goal is to earn the most votes across 22 regions, each with unique characteristics. Region order and number of votes is based on actual US elections.

When you compete for votes in a region, you can bolster your candidate's abilities by spending cash (influence) and playing action cards. Action cards allow you to give yourself bonuses, or your opponents penalties (by implicating them in scandals).

Have you got what it takes to be the leader of the free world?


  • 54 full-color action cards
  • 22 full-color region cards
  • 9 full-color candidate cards
  • 5 full-color player reference cards
  • 45 influence cubes
  • Rulesheet
  • Full-color box
  • 10-sided die
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Evolve! The Game of Unnatural Selection

by Andrew Rader & Ryan Consell

Evolve is a 'build-your-own animal' card game for 2-6 players based on scientific principles -- perfect for gamers, families, and classrooms.


Build over 8,000 creatures to face diverse biomes and challenges. Fight, mate, hunt, & evolve your way to victory!

Each epoch you'll mutate your creature to face one of 15 Biomes and 21 unique Challenges in your quest for dominance over your competitors.

What if a meteor strikes, or an ice age overtakes the planet? Can you successfully build a nest to impress your mate, or convince those strange 2-legged creatures that you'd make a good candidate for domestication?

Evolve is a fast-paced card game taking 1 hour or less to play. It is fun and suitable for adults who like "euro-style" games or card games.

It's also educational, and suitable as a classroom or family-style game (kids aged ~10 or younger may require guidance).

EVOLVE Includes

  • 108 full-color cards
  • 30 wooden marker cubes
  • 1 full-color scoring sheet
  • 6 full-color creature cards (1 per player)
  • Full-color Box
  • Rulesheet
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